version 1.4 (6 November 2003)

Shellsilver is a freeware application for Mac OS X that makes it more convenient to execute UNIX shell scripts. The user can simply double-click any .sh file in the Finder, and the shell script will pop open in a Terminal window.

Download Shellsilver 1.4
(for Mac OS X 10.3, zip, 88 K)

Download Shellsilver 1.3
(for older versions of Mac OS X, zip, 88 K)

Shellsilver is freeware. Please send me any bug reports or suggestions. You can also download source code (zip archive of Xcode project, 1.3 MB). Shellsilver is a Cocoa application written in Objective-C.

by Andy Szybalski

Shellsilver Version History

1.4, 6 November 2003: If you ask Shellsilver to open a shell script for which you don't have execute permissions, it will ask you if you want to fix those permissions. Also, lots of refinements to the code, including dialog boxes and "check for update" feature. (The dialog boxes now use the NSAlert class that doesn't work with versions of Mac OS X prior to 10.3).

1.3, 29 September 2003: opening a shell script using "Open..." in the File menu now works properly.

1.2, 15 September 2003: no longer has "sh" hardcoded into execution of shell script, so it will use the proper shell. Also, now executes shell script using full path of the file, so it works even if "." is not on your default path.

1.1, 4 July 2003: by default, the Terminal window will now come to the front when you run a shell script. This option can be turned off in Preferences. Also, fixed a bug that would prevent users from opening the same shell script twice during a run of Shellsilver. Added "Check for Update" feature to Shellsilver menu.

1.0, 19 June 2003: initial release


Thanks to John Jackson, Dave Yost, Peter da Silva, and Owen Saxton for their comments, suggestions, and bug fixes.


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