A fast-paced 3D arcade game for Mac OS X by Andy Szybalski. Enormous moths duke it out above an alien world. For two or more players, local or networked.


Get Lunamoth 0.84 (zip, 480 K). Requires Mac OS X (10.3 recommended)


  • Winner of the Wackiest, Most Creative prize in the CS 248 Video Game Competition, 2003
  • Featured in the German magazine c't, 28 June 2004 issue
  • To be featured in MaximuM compilation of the best of Mac shareware, volume 14, Sept 2004


Lunamoth's graphics feature volumetric smoke and fire*, glow effects, and transparency:

  • Suicide: each player is armed with a pulse cannon, but each charge it fires will make a full orbit and hit the player in the back, if he's not careful
  • Smoke and flames* pour from moths who are low on health
  • Charges from the pulse cannon whiz around the world as the players try to dodge them.
  • The winner of the match is rewarded with a close-up
  • An options palette lets players customize their names, the color of their moths, and the length of the game

playing the game

Control your moth with the following keys:

Player 1 Player 2
Y or W
keypad 8
H or S
keypad 5
G or A
keypad 4
J or D
keypad 6
keypad 0

Note: Lunamoth uses ports 11345 and 11346 for network play. If you have a firewall, you will need to open these ports.

version history

  • 0.84. 31 May 2004. Minor fix updates contact info and moon image
  • 0.83. 6 April 2004. Fixes key-repeat-rate bug and lowers firing rate slightly. On startup, now checks for new version in background to improve responsiveness.
  • 0.82. 5 April 2004. Hitting "escape" returns player to options window rather than quitting program. Items in "network games" drawer are now uneditable as they should be.
  • 0.81. 1 April 2004. Adds network gaming via Rendezvous, editable controls, and notification when updates are available.
  • 0.8. 31 March 2004. Public release. Fixes wing-flapping bug and eliminates dependence on freetype2 library (which was causing linker problems)
  • 0.7. December 2003. Initial release. Entered into CS 248 Video Game Competition

*smoke and fire are disabled in the latest version of Lunamoth due to a bug. Please look for future versions which will reenable the feature

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